Thursday, July 31

Last day of July

Camp ends early this week, and I haven't been more thankful yet. I've been having aches and pains in my whole body.  I think the attack has been very physical this week for me.

 But things are looking up and us kitchen staff may even get two days off this weekend (everyone else gets three) I know that if I come back it probably won't be as kitchen staff. But that is the area that is need the most this year.
 Tonight Keylea and I are planning on sleeping out somewhere on camp... I am afraid of being eaten alive by bugs, but it's really windy out so hopefully they won't be a problem.
  I am orgainzing the smooth running of the parent/camper bbq in 12 mins..
We are up to 48 children who have made decisions for Christ, (not including this week)

Today we had a little incident of a friend wanting to play DnD and another friend being upset because it can possibly open doors to the spiritual realm. Sadly it turned into two of the people "preaching" at the other. It distressed me so much. Thankfully by the end it was diffused and we moved on.

School.. I found out there was glitch and I was actually taking the wrong tests. So I'm being marked at 100% for the two that I took (they where 40 questions long) and I took chapter 3 test today, and it was only 15 questions long and I missed one question. Silly thing was I was in a rush to finish otherwise I would've been at 100% for this one too..
 I need to stop stressing myself out and start applying myself. I wasted all week not doing test three when it was really a breeze.

Well the constant chatter of campers outside the staff lounge is starting to drive nutty. I'm going to escape to the quiet kitchen.
 Please pray for health and sanity of the staff.

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