Monday, July 7

This week

At camp I have:
Watched 7 ep of Heroes
Made 600 cookies
Broke 24 plates
Dropped 8 cookies on the floor
Burnt 40 cookies (not my fault)
Made 160 dishes of Jello
Made 16 9in chocolate cakes (UPDATED ON TUESDAY)
Made 80 Squares of Rice Krispies (Update on Tue)
Been thrown in the lake twice
Bit by bugs too many times to count
Eaten more carbs then I even want to think about.
Stretched every muscle in my body.
Met lots of cool people
Cried once.
And best of all been given lots of hugs.


Bonnie said...

sounds like your having fun at camp :)

Rachel said...

Sounds like you had a great week, what a fun way to share your week with us!!