Thursday, July 10

The veil was lifted

This post is a day late, because I stayed in the kitchen and helped with dishes and did misc other chores and then went to chapel for the rest of the evening.
On Tuesday I had been praying that God would reveal himself to me and show me the hard things he wants me to do. That night I started reading Red by Ted Dekker and I was quite tired, but I couldn't fall asleep after reading I started praying and thinking and my poor brain wouldn't shut down. I realized that my apathetic veil of thinking was dropping off my eyes. I was seeing things through God's eyes. I realized that it's not important for me to come home, and if I did, would I come back to camp? What would I do at home? Nothing of importance probably. What was I going home for? The wrong reasons. Then I realized that Moriah would be 3 hours away when she hit PG, she could come see me if she wanted too.
That I didn't need to make plans around my friends and the possibly of them visiting. How many times did they ever do that for me?
I decided that I would probably have more fun getting to know all the cool Christians here at camp then going to QCI.
So I decided to stay the whole summer at camp!
 I will be working in the kitchen. I think for August I will be getting paid, that will be such a blessing for me. 
  I've had so many people tell me they are excited that I can stay, and it's such a wonderful feeling to be accepted and loved on by some many people that barely know you.
 We have a daily blog!
I will be contributing photos and some writing at some point soon. I will leave a linky here and let you know when I do!
 Very soon I'm going to convince one of the office boys to let me upload photos to Facebook and leave a link here.

Yesterday I spent a good hour talking to my new friend Jo (there are two of them, this one is male) about relationships and God and marriage (he is getting married Aug 31) It was really cool, because I rarely get to have semi theological discussions with people.  He has been a great source of encouragement to me, because he always shares something that I never thought of, or a new viewpoint from a the guys' way of seeing things.

 I need to do some laundry and then maybe read a little before I start in the kitchen for today.

This Saturday I am going to a barn dance!! Woot for fun :)

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Mrs. Wilson said...

I'm so glad you're having a good time! What a great experience to be at camp all summer!!