Tuesday, July 15

Haste makes Waste.

My poor body. it has lost too much skin and blood.
I have learned to pray when in the kitchen (and every where else for that matter) that God protects me. Because two days ago I was in the first aid room twice for bandaids. I feel like I'm constantly scraping my fingers and feet.

There is so much going on in my head I don't know what to write first. But God is showing in a huge way here. I love it. You know how people always say that you go to camp and get all reved up and then come home and the fire goes out?
Try spend 4 months of your year at camp... I am only spending 2 months here, and I'm on day 18 I think. (somewhere around there)
Yesterday I spilled my slushie (which was a thought gift from a friend who went to town) and I was not impressed because it was all over my foot and sandal. I had just gotten out of the shower and put cream on my feet. So I went into the kitchen and filled up a bucket of water and Keith (Swat Guy at camp) looked at me funny. But after talking to him for a second, I was able to laugh at myself, hopping into the kitchen when there was a tap outside the bunkhouse that I didn't know about. While I was mopping I started thinking about the fact I had wanted to mop anyways, so it's all good. But then God took it one step further. I am rooming with the Activity Director (Elise, who is super busy) and I realized that this was a great way to serve her, because I doubt she will have time to sweep and mop a lot this summer, where as I get off at 4 pm. By the end I was singing, and praising God while I cleaned up.

In the kitchen we have formed an amazing group of praying, waring ladies, who realize how much our prayers do for everyone, and I am so encouraged by our conversations and the laughs we have.

We've had at least 20ish kids come to the Lord in the past 3 weeks that I've been here!!

I could go on and on. But I must stop for now,
I hope everyone is enjoying there summers and I want to leave you with a question.

How are you seeing God to move in your summer plans?
Or what are you asking him for?

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joni said...

good at you Darci.. your blog was really encouraging.. i loved camp.

miss all that .. keep revving up. wish i was mopping with you and your kitchen girls. awesome.

fresh is best. and seeing growth and sparks and seeds... awesome.

keep us updated when you can.. love it.

ps went to pine today.. that was way nice. be camping there 4 sure. Gods creation is so incredible.