Saturday, July 19

Where does my help come from?

I hiked Mnt Bickford today, with friends from camp, it was amazing. Rounded the day off with a coke chugging contest, and some water basket ball. Wish I could show you the photos and videos. I shall upload to FB and link'em later some time.
 Please pray for the camp we've double the number of children who have made commitments to Christ in the past week, compared to all of last summer. We are under heavy spiritual attack, but we are rejoicing and recognizing the attacks!

I wrote a poem about it and made half the staff cry, I shall post it later.

I am desperate for my school work to get up here, because I have approx 5 weeks to do it all in now.. BAD DARCI..

(My help comes from him, the maker of heaven and earth, Psalms 121)

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joni said...

is your fam sending the hw ?

crazy but true.. always attacks when God is at work.. lifting your campers up.

don't fret so much.. you are where you should be. the rest is what? and you'll get it done. you work well under pressure.


keep filling up girlfriend.