Friday, February 29

Lost and Found!!

I realized I've been losing a lot of things this month. Today thankfully I found one of the many lost items..

A necklace that was given to me by a dear friend. I walked the parking lot praying, "Father please show your love in this small way that I will find my pendant. Even if I don't find it right now." (I was trying to have faith) Not even a minute later I was at my car door, and there it was.. I was so happy

(Photo taken with my phone)

Things that haven't been found yet.

  1. Mail Box key (second time lost)

  2. Brains

  3. Fav. piece of clothing

  4. Tax stuff

  5. Plus a few unmentionables

Wednesday, February 27

Walls, Walls and more walls.


Alrighty! I have photos. Proceed with caution into the diaster area I live in.
The Window that may someday be a door!

The First Stage

My dad finishing up the tall screws I couldn't reach.

Finished product for now.. Anyone interested in attending a room warming party in a few months???

Tuesday, February 26


Some of you have already seen it!

Sorry to the rest of your for being a tease..

But I can't find my camera.. :S

So tonight I will go home and get my brother to snap some photos for me...

So many changes in a fortnight.. So much that I am mentally tired and sad all the time. I can't even blog about it at the moment. cause I will want to loosen the hold on my tears. I just ask that everyone keep me in your prayers..

These are two statements that I am clinging to right now..

First is my scripture of the year "God Makes ALL things beautiful in HIS TIME" *paraphrased by me and this quote I found today..

I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult.- EB White

I sure hope everyone's 2008 is much happier then mine is right now..

Friday, February 22


How fast are you at reacting?
Very amusing game, this is my record.

I found this at Steve Bass blog.

Sheep Game

PS Bonnie, the interview was with Sight N Sound.

Tuesday, February 19

Valentine's Day

My Valentine's day was grand :)

A few days before a great friend sent me an adorable V-Day card.

On Wednesday my dad spent a few hours helping me build walls for a bathroom. We have drywall on the outside of one wall.

Then on V-Day my daddy brought me flowers to work! A beautiful bouquet of red roses, they are light with really deep edges.

I was supposed to go out with my brother to sing karoke but he wasn't feeling well so we stayed home and played Wii with the kids.

On Sunday I taught Jr Youth and Tamara was my lovely assistant. It was great fun, we studied the first chapter of Job. I challenged the kids to reading the whole book of Job. We worked out the math, if they read 6-7 chapters a day they could do it in a week. Now to figure out what I'm teaching next week. I will continue on the line of Faith because it's something that I am learning a lot about right now. This is my flagship verse right now Job 12:22 He reveals the deep things of darkness and brings deep shadows into the light.

I have turned down the job offer. I really don't think I should start a new job when I am not sure what I want with the next year. Plus I do not want to keep working for other people around their schedule. I want to be able to know that I am doing something to help the people around me.

I am posting some photos of my beautiful niece because I can't find my camera..

Talking to her Daddy
With her new stuffed animal.
Posing with mommy .
Making faces!

Friday, February 15

One week.

You know those weeks when you can't believe how much has happened?
Well thats what it's been like for me.
I tried to upload photos yesterday but it wouldn't let me. So I will work on that, but for now.
I've had a job interview!! and it was quite successful if I may say so myself. Now the big choices. I am 25.5 what do I want to do with the next 6 months of my life??? I would way rather work for myself and do some on line courses with the Alive Academy then continue to work for other people. So I have some praying to do and talking with the wise people in my life.

My brother is coming back soon, so I will be getting my hair done. I had to cancel my trim because the road was so slushy and I had to many things to get done on Tuesday.

The wall/bathroom is started in my room, YES!!

This week I am doing a FREE SHIPPING sale with Party lite. So if you want to order just let me know, and I pay the 5.25 shipping! Order closes next Saturday! I will post the guest special later too.
Do leave a comment if you want to see a catalog.

mm well I'm off to have Root Beer floats.
Please keep me in your prayers, there are a lot of things going on in my life right now.

Monday, February 11

New hair someday

So I am starting to think no one reads my blog. No comments.. hmm, well on that last post which is still kinda unfinished, I am planning to color my hair. So I thought I would post a few photos and get some opionions. I am missing my henna red hair.Whatever I do it will be interesting, because Aaron is going to do it for me :) I miss my long hair alot.. So What everyone's 2 cents?

Thursday, February 7


So Broken..

Watching the pieces of my heart fall to

the floor and smash into little shards.

Why did you? Why did I?

Shocked, frozen, melting down.

Numbness spreading. Anger trying to take over.

Realizing nope.

That's only hurt. Not burying it.. Let it happen.

Must Grow, or wilt.

Not going backwards this time or ever again.

Fighting for what I want.

Believing my God is bigger then my fears.

Plan B?

Whoops out the window.

Wasn't right anyways.

Hanging by the threads called family.

I will Survive.

But I want you by my side.

Now and forever.

Please return my love to me.

Safe and sound in your perfect timing.

Written by me

Wednesday, February 6

Sooo still thinking about posting.

I have so much to say,

that I'm going to keep my lips zipped.

Photo courtesy of

(ha ha ha, so take that and comment)

Saturday, February 2

Monolouges that won't stop.

My Brain is stewing with lots of random thoughts.

I've started thinking in blog posts :S

"oh this would be great."
"I totally should blog about this."

My mom and I where cracking up in the kitchen one day about an underwear mishap/swap and I had tears rolling down my face when I told her "I totally should blog about this" But then she made me promise not too. So sorry I can't share it but it probably wouldn't be as funny the second time around.

So number one today is:
  • I've been listening to CBC radio in the car on my commute to work. It has so many interesting topics. I find myself having running monologues in my head about the world issues of today. Like the unrest in Africa, and what kind of carbon footprints did I leave behind by buying those 3.99 hothouse tulips.
(I know this probably doesn't make any sense, but thats what happens when I really don't have a good friend in town to have the verbal exchange I've seem to come to enjoy so much.)
  • #2 I have totally re-evolved (is that a word?) back to being super analytic. This is stemming from my husbands influence. He is always challenging my thinking or mostly lack there of. It's so easy for me to be carefree and careless. Not watching what i say or taking responsibility for my words and actions. So I am desperately trying to change this.
Thats all for today folks.. More to come if you like!!

Friday, February 1

Started but never finished.

I have a post but I forgot to send it to blogger so it's trapped until tomorrow.

Until then...

Tonight around the dinner table the talk turned to Text to Speech readers. My dad like to use them because he would rather listen to a mechanical voice then read it himself. Being a bookworm it used to drive me crazy. Lately husband has been driving me crazy reciting a dramatic reading of a horrible break up letter. (it's on youtube it if you must hear it. But it does have foul language, so i won't link it.)
So I decided to write my own story and have a voice reader play it.

Which I did!

We had a good laugh, I am sure it won't be quite as funny for everyone. But I am posting the "story" and the link to dl the voice reader. (super small file and fun to play with)
THE STORY "frick man, don't touch that button. Man says to dude, But why??? Dude replies, IT WILL SHUT DOWN THE WIRLD. Man thinks about this......." (to be continued) bad grammar and sp is intentional here

Free Voice reader

Wow!! Interesting time consuming websites you can find with Google!
IE, just click your reasons and it generates your email. So lazy and sad.

I just found again. I love this site.. ( so silly but great)

I think this whole post may have been inspired by the dinner convo and Mrs. Wilson's post on poor grammar :D