Tuesday, May 29

Horn Sounds

My car horn stopped working a few months ago, and last night Bonnie, Jenna and I were driving in my car, we started discussing horn sounds. It reminded me of my dad's old work van that sounds like "Awwoooogaaa".
What would be your favorite sound for a horn?

Monday, May 21

May Long weekend

We set up a volleyball net, and then had to teach all of the pint size people to play :) But we also roasted hot dogs and had pineapple and watermelon. Jewel didn't haven't any pineapple and kept asking for some yellow stuff. Overall it was a nice weekend of relaxing.

Chatted with my mom today, Her and Caleb are having fun driving each other crazy. They went to a rodeo last night.

Levi, Meleah, Ezra, and Alicia had a scout camp this weekend, it was on the Kalum river in a beautiful bug filled location. I walked out with Bonnie & Robin yesterday, Bonnie has photos.
Last night was our spy dinner, Penny was a guest spy, Corbett opted out of coming and stayed home and sat on children. Penny has all the photos, so as soon as I teach her how to use her new camera properly then I will post.

Everyone who wants to greet Caleb he is flying in at 9:30 am on Wednesday morning!
Well I have dirty feet, and need to get Jewel in the shower.
Hope everyone had a blessed weekend!

Saturday, May 19

Spy Dinner

The girls are having dinner. Cept for Rachelle, who is in Three hills still :S
But we might inducted Corbett to the Spy World(is that the right word?)
Tomorrow night!! Photos to appear soon!

Today was a small respite from the Monsters. You wouldn't' believe how manipulative small children are. (Hint Hint :Jewel) I love them. But I can't wait for my mom to come home.
Bonnie and Carly are my lifesavers. They cleaned the kitchen for me, and helped me sort clothes for MCC, and Ezra and Matt made 100 origami flowers. I had a great tiring day, so I did basically nothing today. It was so great! (nothing wedding related that is.)

Tuesday, May 15


This is much more of a rant then anything so feel free to skip if bored.

So I have been doing a lot of wedding stuff finally. Now girls you will understand how it feels to plan something so special in 3 weeks. But my lovely husband is sometimes at the end of rope with me. I know it's only been 2 months. But hey it's this kind of stuff where your true self comes out. Well sadly for Corbett he didn't know I love chatting with people I haven't seen in eons. So he gets sick of being dragged store to store where I talk up a storm. To the point where I have almost no voice. Plus I have all the kids for a week, and Jewel is my best friend right now. But she is also trying to drive him crazy, most successfully at this point. So MEN I am pleading with you, please call the husband and get him out of my hair. I NEED to get things done without irritating him :D So he needs man friends to manly things with for his Sanity.

As soon I as my parents are home again, *they went to Van for Caleb's Family meeting today* I promise to be coming to home group. But this week I can't do it.
Anyways all you married women who have awesome ideas for weddings call me!!!

I love being married, but I hate being stuck in small space with no room to breathe with my man forever.
Plus I am mom until Wednesday so that means I run the house. But Husband has been an awesome help already and it's only been one day.
 I must find the young ones and get them ready for bed. I am starting to feel slightly unwound, so this has done it's job. Chow!!

Wednesday, May 9

Home Sweet Home!

We are home in Terrace, and I am hiding out!

We have all of our stuff, except for the odds and ends (my baking dishes) that I forgot.
Today I started organizing the cups in the kitchen. Then managed to get carried away and do all the cupboards. I couldn't believe the stuff that I found.
I had a good laugh when my mom came home, I showed her the MSG, her defense was that someone told her it took the sting out of bug bites ;) But I won and it went into the garbage.
I ended the evening with muffins and finally spagetti. I orginally was going to make spagetti but wanted to make sure my mom didn't have something in mind. Well it turned into a left-overs night, but not enough to go around.

Then I took Corb out to Rosswood, we toured Kalum River/Lake. He was amazed by how big it is. Final destination was the Peeing Tree, which I had told him about, but he had to see it in person to believe it.
It was too dark to take a photo. I managed to scare him because he was driving and didn't realized that we were coming to the turn-off. I started saying Hunny, hunny, hunny... and making handmotions. I couldn't seem to make any other words come out. Finally thats our turn came out. Poor guy, finally recovered from feeling like his heart was in his throat :)

Now to figure out what I am painting, and redoing. Updates to come...

Tuesday, May 1

Lazy days

So much fun hanging out with the family in Abbotsford :)

Yesterday we packed up all our wedding gifts for transportation to Terrace becuase my dad bought 3 vehichle straight from japan. They already drove the Van home, and Corbett loves the little truck. The car is now full of presents and Corbs stuff.

Now he wants one of these instead of a FJ Crusier. But it will be awhile because my car is still running just fine. Besides we are getting motorbikes before anything else!!
So I am having blog withdrawls cause the boys are hogging the computer with bookmarks :) I caught up on half this morning. . .
Well off to do more nothing :D