Tuesday, May 15


This is much more of a rant then anything so feel free to skip if bored.

So I have been doing a lot of wedding stuff finally. Now girls you will understand how it feels to plan something so special in 3 weeks. But my lovely husband is sometimes at the end of rope with me. I know it's only been 2 months. But hey it's this kind of stuff where your true self comes out. Well sadly for Corbett he didn't know I love chatting with people I haven't seen in eons. So he gets sick of being dragged store to store where I talk up a storm. To the point where I have almost no voice. Plus I have all the kids for a week, and Jewel is my best friend right now. But she is also trying to drive him crazy, most successfully at this point. So MEN I am pleading with you, please call the husband and get him out of my hair. I NEED to get things done without irritating him :D So he needs man friends to manly things with for his Sanity.

As soon I as my parents are home again, *they went to Van for Caleb's Family meeting today* I promise to be coming to home group. But this week I can't do it.
Anyways all you married women who have awesome ideas for weddings call me!!!

I love being married, but I hate being stuck in small space with no room to breathe with my man forever.
Plus I am mom until Wednesday so that means I run the house. But Husband has been an awesome help already and it's only been one day.
 I must find the young ones and get them ready for bed. I am starting to feel slightly unwound, so this has done it's job. Chow!!


joni said...

hey Darci ...just wondering if your husband watches hockey? Ottawa is playing tomorrow night Sheldon has been watching faithfully...so if he wants to join him..hehe common over.
(nothing like a blind date- hehehe)

Gwen said...

Not to disregard your pain, but I keep laughing about that "young ones" part. It sounds so much like Love Comes Softly. "Now, Marty, you know the young ones'll need new shoes come fall. We'll jest need to tighten our belts and ask the good Lord for an extry-special blessin'. Thet be good coffee."

But seriously, I'm sure you know that the first year of marriage is the most difficult. It takes a while for all the bumps to be smoothed out, and for you to get used to being in each other's space! I'll be praying for you both! (Good to see you at church btw!)