Tuesday, May 1

Lazy days

So much fun hanging out with the family in Abbotsford :)

Yesterday we packed up all our wedding gifts for transportation to Terrace becuase my dad bought 3 vehichle straight from japan. They already drove the Van home, and Corbett loves the little truck. The car is now full of presents and Corbs stuff.

Now he wants one of these instead of a FJ Crusier. But it will be awhile because my car is still running just fine. Besides we are getting motorbikes before anything else!!
So I am having blog withdrawls cause the boys are hogging the computer with bookmarks :) I caught up on half this morning. . .
Well off to do more nothing :D


Tamara said...

How the heck did your dad buy 3 cars from Japan?? I am so confused lol

starla said...

does that mean your coming home to us soon?!!!