Tuesday, May 29

Horn Sounds

My car horn stopped working a few months ago, and last night Bonnie, Jenna and I were driving in my car, we started discussing horn sounds. It reminded me of my dad's old work van that sounds like "Awwoooogaaa".
What would be your favorite sound for a horn?


Tamara said...

I would want to have two settings on my dream horn. One would be a mad/road rage setting and the other would be a happy/how's it going setting. Sooooo:

Mad road rage setting: YOU BLOODY IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In a loud, obnoxious yell.

Happy/how's it going setting: HALLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

DaRcI said...

nice :D

Stephanie said...

My horn used to sound like a dieing duck. I was so embarassed to use it. I spazed at my brother and Amanda once for reaching over and honking it without my permission.

Tamara your a kook.