Monday, May 21

May Long weekend

We set up a volleyball net, and then had to teach all of the pint size people to play :) But we also roasted hot dogs and had pineapple and watermelon. Jewel didn't haven't any pineapple and kept asking for some yellow stuff. Overall it was a nice weekend of relaxing.

Chatted with my mom today, Her and Caleb are having fun driving each other crazy. They went to a rodeo last night.

Levi, Meleah, Ezra, and Alicia had a scout camp this weekend, it was on the Kalum river in a beautiful bug filled location. I walked out with Bonnie & Robin yesterday, Bonnie has photos.
Last night was our spy dinner, Penny was a guest spy, Corbett opted out of coming and stayed home and sat on children. Penny has all the photos, so as soon as I teach her how to use her new camera properly then I will post.

Everyone who wants to greet Caleb he is flying in at 9:30 am on Wednesday morning!
Well I have dirty feet, and need to get Jewel in the shower.
Hope everyone had a blessed weekend!

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