Tuesday, June 12

Off to Alberta

So I am supposed to be packing, Well thats not true.
I should have packed today but took a nap instead. The wedding reception is over, and I am exaghusted, Still.
I've never been under that much stress. I woke up one night and almost went to ER because I thought I was having a heart attack. Yeah well that east indian food at Tamara's party didn't sit well it was heart burn... Poor Corbett, I scared him and myself. I woke up dreaming that I was swallowing sticks and stones.. It was the most painful thing ever.
My body also reacts by giving me itchy spots.. only on my joints. Anyone else ever get this? I thought it was the water in Victoria, then maybe stress. Well it's probably still stress :)

So I am flying out to be with Kari and her new baby that we are all still waiting for. I told her to hold it in until Wednesday because I am going to spend the day with Dasha, the darling who is going to pick me up at the airport! Then I shall ride back with "Mackenzie" to the 3 hills!! I plan to take as many photos as possible. Specially of my obsession THE WATER TOWER :D someday I shall explain that. This will be my third time going to visit Kari in now where land, I love three hills it's so cute.

My aunt & cousin & grandma all flew up for the wedding, I am so blessed that they would come spend the weekend with us. We've had so much fun, even though I felt like I was sleeping most of the time. They went on a picnic today out in Rosswood.

Oh I cut my hair!!! I took a few pics, but don't know where they are saved too ;D so you shall see it after I take some photos with Kari. It's mature and cute, and short!!
Till next time!

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Charlene said...

Have a great trip! About the water tower, that reminded me of What's Eating Gilbert Grape. Anyway, give a lot of love over to Kari and Rachelle for us! God bless you Darci!