Monday, August 11

More then half way.

Halfway through my time at camp (about 20 more days before I head home)
 On chapter 7 (of 9) in my herbal course!
and half way through my savings (which was very tiny to start with)
and only 5 more days till I am 26!
 I finally feel this year that I am old. or at least 25. Trouble, heartache and stress sure makes you feel your age.
 I really could use pray, my joints are aching. Some from the repeitive chopping of food. I think my body is fighting something because I was quite tired today, and not mentally but physically. I am going to sleep for a week when I get home. At least sleep in really late.

Two more weeks of camp left, so I plan to finish my course by this weekend so I can relax through the next week and enjoy everything. Then there is  family camp which I am staying for half of, then going home with a friend for a few days. Until a wedding on the 31st. Which I might skip to come straight home. I don't quite know yet. But I have plans for the future, which I will annouce closer to the happening date.

Well I want to hear Keylea's testimony so off to chapel I go..


Tamara said...

I was just thinking about you this evening and thought I'd go to your blog..glad to see an update :) I'm keeping you in my prayers Darc! Enjoy the rest of your time up in camp!

Dyllan said...

I am praying for you too Darci. I remember when I volunteered in the kitchen at Ness Lake BIble Camp. I came home and slept 14 hours a night for 3 weeks!