Friday, August 15

Last day of being 25.

Today is the last day of camp. Next week is the last kids camp of the summer.  Still not sure how I am getting home yet..

I finished my last chapter of school yesterday. I only got 100% on one of my tests. The rest I scored 93%, (yesterdays mistake was thinking that oils should be stored in blue bottles. Amber are much better)

I can't wait to get home and sleep in my bed, and not have to be in the kitchen at 7 am.(meaning I wake up between 6-6:30)
 My poor body will be so glad for the change. My elbows have taken up aching. I love ibproufen. No more pain! 

Yesterday my mom said my cats may not last much longer and they've been banned to the great outdoors for not using the litter box (poor parents) and that my flowers will probably bloom when I get home. How nice of them to wait for me!

Tomorrow we are going to do a pamper party for my birthday and watch Pride and Predjudiuce.

Puddle jumping at camp(taken by Jared)
The water trampoline!

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