Friday, August 22

Chill in the air

Kid camps are over, now we have a family camp which was supposed go until Wednesday but I heard tonight that it will only last until Sunday now. Because of low attendance for the last three days.
I am cooking breakfast all by myself for Saturday and Sunday! I am working from 6:30 till 3:30 and then someone comes in at 7:30. Today we had a memorial service for the summer, and the fact that we will never have the same team back together again. We all wrote our favorite memories on the posters and took photos, then we put it at the bottom of a bucket with the jungle swing rope, and we dropped off the ledge under the jungle swing which is now closed. (it was considered unsafe by the accreditation people)
So I am here until the 1st of September. On the 31st I am going to a wedding of some friends I met at camp. They are to the coast so they will be driving Amelia and I home! I'm happy for a free ride and to finally get home.
Then I have my final exam for my course on the 5th.
Hoping to book a chiropractor appointment and hang out with my niece, I've missed her so much. I talked to my mom the other day who was saying that Jewel was asking when I was coming home, then she mentioned that she seems like she missed Corbett more the me. Which by the way, God has answered some prayers there, things are going much much better. Some things have been healing.
I am just waiting to book a plane ticket out to St John's. I am moving out there. To see if we can work things out!!!
About ten days ago, he told me that he loved me and it's been amazing to hear those words from him again. So I'm praying God's will for the future. You can definitely keep me in your prayers.. I have so much to pack. I'm torn and I hate to leave everything that we have. (so if anyone wants to buy a Furniture set in Good condition from the 70's -$150, and a Cherry Maghoany Bedroom Suite for $800, it has Queen Sized bed frame, Lingerie dresser, two Side tables, and a Large Dresser with a mirror)

Well I should share the computer with someone else now. I can't believe that I was gone for all of July and August.

So last praise item!! I am going to be paid for working in the kitchen for July and August, I was just hoping to get paid for August.. but I just found out that I will be getting paid!!

How was everyone's summer?


Stephanie said...

Your moving!!!!! You'll be a little closer to me. I hope everything works out for you, you've been through enough already.

Juton said...

My hope is by our energy set forth by our wills founded in the wisdoms of God shall we move forth as a couple, as one.

Only God could ever begin to fathom let alone determine when "you've been through enough (already)." As each of out paths are unique, and so are our views and thus beliefs it is hard to say, what is or isn't enough. But I might say that only when I stand before God, has my life been through enough. For only then, in that moment, might I know that who I became was of the character and quality of heaven.

D-Ann said...

Yea! Husband commented for the first time.

Steph yeah I will be closer to your side of the world :)

Adam said...

Wow, reading this is a real answer to prayer for me!!! God speed on your journey! Hoping and praying that you guys indeed more forth as a couple. Phil 4:4!!!