Saturday, May 17

Doc Walker

(Eventually I may upload some videos)
Soooo Awesome.

It took me a while to stop relating every song to a person in my life, then I was able to enjoy the music.

I didn't dance even though I was itching to.. I moved a lot in my seat. I had planned to take Alicia, but she had a scout camp. So Trish and I had a date and it was great, poor thing was quite tired through right at the beginning (That will teach her to have un planned sleep overs)

I should've been tired because I woke up at 5:45 am.

My favorite songs:

Forgive Me
The show is free

We bought the cd of the Marion Weston who opened the show. She was also lots of fun.

They even played encore of two songs, I was dissapointed that they didn't come out and sign autographs, but maybe I didn't hang out long enough.

Trish and I went to Denny's for a snack, and ran into some friends from the church.
We had a great time laughing with them and talking about the show.
How speical is it when two totally different generations can just hang out and have fun.

Sorry for the lack of post's again. Readjusting to part time work has been a lot harder then I expected. But I have this cool post rolling around in my head. Something along the lines of "Soundtrack to my life"
Stay Tuned!

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