Saturday, May 17

Random thoughts

Things I Learned at work:

1. Split oil is much harder to clean up then coffee.
2. Men will complain to the boss rather then ask the person with the answer.
3. Tears work wonders, so does unspoken attitude.
4. Starting a job and looking helpless gets the job done much faster then asking for help. (Just ask me about getting my tires M&B in 20 minutes flat, by three men!)
5. Men do not know when to stop and say sorry.

I am sure this list will get longer and I will add to it..

Slow Food.. Ever thought about it? I am reading the Gluten free Girl (Book) right now, I love it. Love it. Makes me want to cook. Anyone want to do dinner? I shall post a review later. And she blogs. What can get better then that!

And if your sense of humor is anything like mine. You will start giggling and move to full out laughing at this man's sense of humor.

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Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

Slow(er) food is definitely awesome. :D A sense of pleasure concerning food is important to a lot of us, and slower food allows us to have that pleasure while consuming in moderation ... instead of trying to cram that pleasure into a short period of time, which usually involves cramming a lot of high-calorie, low-nutrients foods into ourselves quickly. Or that's my take on it, anyway.