Monday, May 26

Old Poem + New Day = still applies.

*When the bottom drops out.*

Blue hair, White faced,
Trembling before you on my knees.
Asking you to break my chains, and set me free.
Nothing left to lose, everything to gain.
Only in you will I have true peace.
The masks and cloaks hit the ground,
There I am laying naked and exposed,
All my faults for the world to see,
In this place of brokenness,
I am finally mold able, changeable.
God, scrap up the pieces of me,
Recreate me into a beautiful jar of glass,
that you can shine through.
No long will it be my filth that everyone sees.
You are the potter and I am the clay.
I am the gold,
You are the refining fire.
Darci Brousseau
June 29/03

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Gwen said...

This poem reminds me of this post. Beautiful, Darci!