Wednesday, May 21

Gwen's Party

The results are in: $109.00 raised to bring the babies home from Africa! (They may not be 0-12 months, but young children. Aka Babies in my mind) PS you can personally help make this number get bigger, and be able to treat yourself to some candles. I'm offering combined/free shipping.. So come on people! Let's save some children.

Tonight I was able to share my dream of visiting my sponsor child. He will be 8 this year, and he's been mine for 3 yrs now. I want to go visit him. I want to sponsor a few more children. I have no idea how many. I want them to be orphan's so that I can feel that I am adopting them in more ways then one. I am building my family here on earth so we can all hang in heaven. and I want to them all to be Black. :D This obsession dream of mine, started way back.. When I was a child with a doll that I got by mailing in things off the cereal boxes (I think) and she was black. Then she lost an arm, don't know how. But I loved her. I want my own baby girl.

PS the creepy pic will only be there till I get off my bum and go get the one I wanted to put there. More to come on my boy when I find his info.

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design for mankind. said...

Awww, fantastic! :)

Gwen said...

horray! Thanks again! I have one more order from work, I'll get it to you by Sunday night.

Kelsey Smith said...

Thats wonderful!

joni said...

i want to make an order Darci.. the soap box and some candles... arrg how and when girlfriend?