Saturday, May 17

Miss A.... (#8)

This was supposed to post almost a week ago. Opps
I am much to lazy to put these in the correct order.

Alicia is creepily smiling down at Bonnie!
This one was taken on a midnight walk with siblings and friends..
I love the way she is so carefree looking and happy.
Alicia Miriam(#8). When my mom was preggers, we (being the other 7) Had been reading about how Miriam lead the women in dancing in the bible, and I remember us asking my mom if we could name the baby Miriam if it was a girl
(Oh yes, Random Fact: My dad named the boys, my mom the girls. When my dad dad picked the 2nd boys name there was such an uproar, he would never ever share the name. Not even with my mom. It was always an old testament name. Whatever God would bring him)

So I remember my mom saying something about it meaning bitterness, or that she wasn't the greatest example of a Godly woman, so why don't we compromise with Alicia first and then Miriam. At 12 I was more then satisfied. (for the record her name means (Miryam). The meaning is not known for certain, but there are several theories including "sea of bitterness", "rebelliousness", and "wished for child" OR Miriam - A biblical name meaning bitter) I prefer the first website much more. Moving on :)
Both of these photos are from school. When I came home last May she being a tyrant. Now that she has passed the stage of Miss Bossy, I think life is a little easier for the younger ones.
The girls love to dress up. All of the dress they are wearing are MINE. Someday I will wreak havoc in their wardrobes.. Well I already can steal Meleah's clothes :D

We are going to the Doc Walker show next week together as her super early birthday present!

My mom has passed down her love of horses
Girls night. With the boys :D
Alicia has always been a little entrepreneur. She always knows how to make a buck, or bribe one of us to pay her to do something :D

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kailani said...

Yes, girls just love wearing "grown up" clothes. I remember doing that in my Mom's closet and now my girls dress up in mine. You have such a beautiful family!

Mahalo for stopping by!