Sunday, May 11

Thank God for Mommies.

I felt bad this morning, trying desperately to think of something for Mother's Day..
I had an idea and it fell through.
I made all the kids fill out coupon's for mom, some put a few things. She received a day away from Alicia, and 5 hours of work from Aaron, Caleb is taking her to dinner and a movie in PR, and half price foot rubs (which is better then running over her toes, like he wanted to put on it) Levi is going to personally silence the children (mom wanted to know if he had a supply of Ether) and clean the laundry room. Ezra is making cookies of her cookie (which has been expanded to a batch every day this month) Beth is going to make breakfast but mom needs to wake her up first. Abe is going to make her bed for 10 days. I know I am missing a few. I am going to do some gardening.

How much would mom make in a year?

I started filling the sink to wash dishes, and found the biggest spider. I shrieked and then took photos. Finally getting it in a cup, I put myself out of misery and squashed it.

Now between popcorn and blog reading I am almost finished the dishes...
Happy Mothers Day


Mrs. Wilson said...

That is one CREEPY spider

Lymeade Lady said...

Hey thanks for visiting my blog! I'd love to hear how you like the Vinegar drink. (If you don't like the taste--add more honey.)

That IS on huge spider. I would FLIP if I saw that. Of course, we're getting roaches that I have to chase and smash--not much better.