Monday, February 9

Blogging laziness..

So Quick Update!
My parents have been here since Wednesday, so I wasn't able to finish Interview Me Part 1 (which is coming someday soon) But it's been a so much fun having them here. My mother spoiled me rotten, cooking and baking everyday. Plus they rented a car, so they took me grocery shopping twice! (a blessing so I didn't have to lug 18 kg of kitty litter home) I MISS MY CAR.  We did some sightseeing.. We froze our fingers and ears off, and had lots of long talks, and watched Fireproof which is an amazing Christian Movie!
You know how people will tell you, that you don't realize what you have till it's gone? Well I miss my parents wisdom and friendship so much.  Update: They flew out yesterday.... I think they made it safely back to Ottawa.
 If your my friend on Facebook, you can check out my touristy photos there. If not find me on Facebook to see them!

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Tamara said...

I always -loved- it when my parents visited when I was away at school..but then when they left I would (literally) spend the whole day in bed..crying lol True story! So I hope your goodbye was better than mine ever were :)