Thursday, February 19

The wind was amazing, it was blowing so fiercely. When I walked to work (with the hopes of pizza) the plow had gone by on our side of the street and there was knee high snowbank.
The walk itself was a journey, I was being blown sideways and pelted with with icy rain.

3 hours later when I ran to the grocery store it wasn't any better. The last three photos are from 3:40am, I was walking a crossed the parking lot and I see this person running towards me, then I realize he is carrying a shovel, before I start to panic, I recognize the scarf. Mr. Shiny had come to walk me home or more likely hold on to so I wouldn't get blown away. So 12 hours later he cleans off the stairs again and we go inside to have pizza.

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Mrs. Wilson said...

Looks like a good day to STAY HOME!

Sherri said...

Wow, I like the one of your front door. that's a crazy amount of snow. Stay warm!