Tuesday, February 10

What to give my lover boy?

How will you be spending on your special someone this Valentines day?
 How much can you really afford to spend on disposable 
throw away things that try to express your love?
   This year I'm going to bake two desserts, and give the rest of the money 
I would normally spend/or expect to be spent on me to this project! 


  Check out the Video
then let me know how you are celebrating this Valentines day 
and how much you expect to spend celebrating.

On Sunday I will be draw one random name from my commentors,
to receive 12 candles and the Fireproof movie! 

Posting a link on your blog for my giveaway will enter you for a second chance to win!


Charlene said...

Well, here is a comment and I hope to be entered in the draw, and I will put a link. I just got the Fireproof movie in the mail but I would have many people I could give it to if I win. Cool Valentine idea Darci.

My Love and I will be going to the church for a marriage night of desserts and games and a special speaker. It cost us $5 each and that will be about it. I do spend a little on the kids for Valentines day to talk to them about our love for them and God's love for them. I bought them the Berinstien bears books about God. There are 4. And I will get them a stuffy each. So, prabably $30. Adam and I never really celebrate Valentines day because our anniversary is on the 17th.

I hope you are very well! Love you!

Jenny said...

Scott and I are going out for dinner. I don't believe in buying a big present,but will make him a card with a fave quote or verse on it.
I heart Valentines Day!!

Gwen said...

We're going to go out for dinner, then to the church for the Valentine's dessert/special speaker. We don't buy each other presents, but Mr Gwen always gives me chocolates / flowers / something small. We give cards to each other.

Since we're in serious savings mode, we won't be spending much on dinner -- it won't be 3 courses with wine and dessert! But we feel that it's important to make time together by ourselves, so we always set aside a little money for together-time. It's always worth it! <3

Gwen said...

Oh, my. Just noticed that a link will earn me a second chance, so consider it done!

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

That is so sweet! I love your idea. I'm making an art piece for my husband. I have everything I need but the frame. My other cards used items I already had, and I baked for my girlfriends using ingredients that I buy normally. I don't think I'll spend much at all! We do plan on going out to a lovely seafood dinner on Valentine's night though. Doe sit count if I consider that our one trip out for the week? lol

Sarena said...

The kids and I will decorate the house for Dalen and bake his favorite sour cream cookies and ice them with pink icing and coconut. We won't be doing anything alone this year but it should be a nice evening with the family. The next day is Joe's birthday so it should be a fun weekend!

Smellyann said...

Ten bucks. LOL

And we're not going out until Sunday night, b/c our babysitter is going out for V-day.

We have a $25 Restaurant.com gift certificate with which we must spend $35 to use, so there's where the $10 comes in.

Oh, and probably another 20 bucks for the sitter. So $30. :D

Ruth said...

Well, Mark & I will be going for dinner & then like some, going to the church for dessert night & sharing!
Then, we will be coming home, cuddling up on the couch & watching our favorite movie!

Daring To Dream said...

Dyllan and I are taking another couple out for dinner. They have had similar difficulties in marriage as us so our gift to them is The Man of her Dreams/The Woman of His! We are enjoying fine dining in Chestermere, AB so our cost will probably be $200 for the food and drinks plus flowers for me and a card for Dyllan and the books and flowers for the other couple will make us probably hit $275. But if you divide it between three valentines days Dyllan and I have had together and never celebrated it really works out to $91.67 which is not that bad considering!

My link to my blog is http://jodiorlean.blogspot.com/ for the second entry.

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