Wednesday, November 25

Knitting related

Smellyann received my first ever awkward blanket and she posted a photo

Last night I went to the Wild N Wooly's meeting.. A bunch of ladies knitting at Cafenara and I came home smelling like a burnt coffee bean. It was nice to meet over ladies, we laughed a lot and I finished my second slipper which sadly looks scary compared to the first. Lots of little mistakes. Plus it's one size smaller. I am a smrt. I might start on some piggy slippers for Birdy or one the multiple babies coming. But I hate the pattern because it's very poorly written.
I just need to wash and block my baby hood and then sew it together. I'm thinking I should get a few projects knitted up and then sew them all together on one night.

I learned how to make a granny square! Bonnie taught me on Sunday while watching One Tree Hill with Tams. We have Saturday night planned for knitting (Sunday was Crocheting) and another marathon on 1TH.

The last few Saturdays have been pretty busy so the kids haven't had many more lessons yet, but Levi is progressing nicely on a orange and gray checkerboard scarf. Trish was making a washcloth and she had gotten quite a bit done. So hopefully we will be able to sit down this weekend.

Also the lovely Rudee from A Knitting Nurse is going through her stash and mailing us some needles and yarn so the kids can have their own needles. We are all very excited about this, plus it seems to inspiring her pull out all her unfinished projects :D

I made a list of things to do today, and so far Blog is the only that I've done. But then again I've only been mobile for five hours.


Bonnie said...

I like your new layout! Its so cute! Can't wort for saturday! :)

Lollie said...

So cool! I love knitting, I should get back into it. I found a site that sells knitting patterns, but I usually google the free ones;) The one you buy is a really nice one though, I found it on I can send you the link if you like?
PS Love the snowman! What pretty colours!

Rudee said...

I'd better get my behind up to the post office!!! Tomorrow. I swear. Lots of straights, lots of circs and not a little yarn! In fact, some of the yarn is quite awesome.

Chris said...

Hey Darc,

Thinkin about you, you should come over for dinner soon, can arrange with my wife!


Smellyann said...

Lots of knitting news, wow! I need to get started again on mine. I should knit everyday to get it done... but I fool around on FB instead. :P

Tamara said...

Yayyyy I can't wait for tomorrow!!

Jenny said...

Are you living back in Terrace?
Hope things are going ok!