Saturday, December 8

Family Photo

So I did take some photos on Wednesday but our internet hasn't been working at home.
So when that starts I will upload them.
This is our christmas card!
Ps. I've done 4 days at the gym now!! If anyone wants to go with me that would be lovely,
I usually just wander around and do whatever I feel like. But I am searching a real work-out so I can reclaim my stomach muscles, and minimize a few other areas. I worked from 10 mins of cardio to 15 yesterday, I'm happy with that. Almost 150 calories burned. I also did some bench pressing, which I love doing but had been a little intimidated to do without a spotter. I could do like 35 lbs, compared to 60-70 that I used to do like 10 years ago.. I am planning on working my way back up to that. Still the same weigh though.. Oh well.. it's not the numbers that count.


Christy said...

Love the picture! You guys are adorable!

joni said...

really nice ..

way to go .. with your gym quest.
you are inspiring. i need to find my grove again. good at you!

Daughter of Zion said...

Aww Darci,
I love the cat and dog! So quaint!