Friday, December 28

Christmas Update

Overall it was a lovely quiet Christmas day, and then boxing day I did nothing all day. Other then beat my dad at a game of Sequence.
I was looking back at my four days off, and I didn't get any sewing done.. As much as I really had hoped to. But I have tomorrow off and Bonnie is coming to spend the night. So I'm hoping to get some girl time in. (And finally cut out the rest of the pants I need to finish.)

I bought The Husbands b-day present. But now I want to get him something that will surprise him.. (he picked out the other things) But I really don't know what to get.. Any suggestions? Cologne is out the question, I already bounced that one off of him.. It landed like a water balloon, and blew up in my face.

So I am planning on going snowboarding on new years day, and then again on Jan 16th because it's free day with a donation to the food bank!!!
I am so excited to go up, I went once last year. I miss going up all the time like my siblings are doing.

So my gym pass expires on Jan 1st, I am getting a second month because I've started to see the effects on my stomach and arms. No luck on reducing my pectorals, sadly...
I've worked my way up to 36 min's of cardio, and I want to bump that up to 45 min's.
I think the next thing on my wish list would be an elliptical machine.


Stephanie said...

Does he like clothes? Mabey a ski pass, guitar heoro, chocolates. I don't know, good luck!

Stephanie said...