Saturday, October 13


First off Everyone look at the top of my blog! There is a banner there and it's an interesting link/idea. I've signed up to post on something to do with the Environment. So if you want more details, click on the banner. Then check back on the 15th for my post. Think Shopping bags and paper... ;)

So 2nd Item: Do you love driving brand new vehicles, need a part/full time job? Enjoy working with the public or in Customer service? Have your License? Know how to use a computer, work well with other people? (HINT HINT Tamara :D
Hertz (which is part of Ford) is looking for someone. I don't know all the details, but I can hook you up with the right people. I just don't know anyone who NEEDS a job.
Leave a comment, if you think of someone. Tell them to apply.. or come talk to me.

Number 3! Do you love candles? Want a shopping spree for free?? Or want to make extra cash?
More to come!

Must end post because the sibs are done birthday partying!

"Life dozes here: it is all like a charming dream, and one indulges in it. Yes, thus did two young newly-married persons, who also possessed all the best gifts of earth—health, good humour, riches, and
rank. " Quote from Sand-hills of Jutland By Hans Christian Anderson (Google Book Search, SOOO COOL)

Oh Yes

Creepy pic to come~
My computer hates me. I have some great photos but it won't let me upload them.
Cross your fingers.. Maybe!!

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Tamara said...

Darci I got your msg on my cell today but I couldn't understand what you were saying?! lol