Wednesday, October 31

Happy Halloween!

Halloween party at Ms. RN's was a blast!
Thanks girls for putting so much time and effort into it!
Pictures to follow because I don't have the patience to wait for them tonight.
So many ppl had great costumes, battery died so I missed the last 4 :S

But for a special tonight I bring you The HUSBAND!
Be prepared to see faces of Husband that you may never see in person!
He was bored in the car the other day and found the camera.
(Click on the pic for a larger photo)

Probably thinking... IS SHE EVER COMING BACK?

"I'm soo funny, HaHa"

"Umm What was that?"

I have no clue what he is thinking.. (do ask him)

PS He has no idea I found these. So feel free to compliment him on his many facial expressions next time you see him!!

1 comment:

Tamara said...

The last picture is priceless! He'll hear about it next time I see him lol