Tuesday, October 9

Patiently Waiting

I went for coffee with a friend after work, giving husband time to play. I get here, thinking maybe we can use a coupon I have for a local restaurant. Guess what?? I am still sitting here..
I need to prepare a few door prizes for my Thursday night show, and steal my sisters vacuum! She just bought a Kerby and I want to vacuum out my bed.
Next week shall be a gong show (in the words of Kari) I have 4 shows, and I might be sponsoring another woman. If not then I am doing another party on Sunday and then Friday night.
I'm excited but on the other hand I always get a little panicky right before things and think Aughh I don't want to do this. But I do it anyways and it turns out awesome!
So I'm browsing through my PartyLite site, and just looking at all the cool things I would love to decorate with. First I need to do some finishing in my room

Weight update... I keep telling myself I need to do a weigh in. But we don't have a scale. But I've been taking Dong Quai which help regulate Estrogen. Too much Estrogen can cause weight gain, and I'm wondering if thats part of my issue. So... Now if I could just take them regularly.

Christmas News!! Bonnie and The Jones are coming home! I am so excited, can't wait.

Random post is done..... Going to torture Husband, Till next time!

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Tamara said...

Yay another Darci update! I really am going to have a candle party..but I'm thinking it'll have to be after my sister's child is born.

Anyways..we need to have a friggin reunion when Bonnie gets home. I'm talking a serious adventure. We should plan for it...SOON!