Friday, April 6

Mexico Pics

So I am awake at 8am, when I can actually sleep in, so I decided to put up some random pics!

Just a few of my Fav pics from Kari's Wedding, (the reason I went to Mexico!) More of Andi and I, Kari's girlfriend who became my traveling buddy. She is amazingly fun. Now in Ireland!

These are a few of may favs from the rest of Mexico :D


Christy said...

I haven't checked your blog in ahwile because you hadn't been blogging in awhile! Anywho glad to see you are now! COngrats on the marriage! That is exciting. Now it's time for some babies! Woohoo!

Carin said...

WELCOME! I, like Christy, used to check your blog always - and to my dismay never saw a post!

I am totally bummed that I am going to miss your arrival home... but I shall return in time for your reception on the 8th... I hope! :P