Wednesday, January 28

I've been struggling with what to blog about. Why do I blog? Who cares what I blog?
 I am finding I am slipping into my winter funk again. This happened a few years ago, when I didn't get much sunshine or outside time.
 Maybe it's more my thoughts just get stuck in a dark abyss and I have a hard time wrenching them out. I sleep 12-14 hours a day. My countenance stays cheery but my brain feels like it's drowning. I become anti social, I hate being in crowds. I just wrap my self in my little community of people (here it's the cat and husband) I watch a lot of TV/Movies. I hate working out, and getting physical exercise in a gym.  Normally I would go sledding or snowboarding, but here on the East Coast, it's too cold to even walk to the post office.

So just hold tight while I work though this, I will be back, and I will start commenting on your blogs again too once again.


Clover said...

hun, i read your blog, and i like reading whatever you write... and if you don't have much to say that's totally ok, i'll read your nothin' much, too! lol.... i hate winter funks, i'm struggling too... love ya :)

Jenny said...

Try going tanning. It really works for me and gets me out of any mood I may be in.
Blog about whatever...we care!!

Jadekitty said...

Thanks girls!

Tanning.. That is a great idea!

Mrs. Wilson said...

Just blog your thoughts/feelings. They make the best blogs ;)

Sherri said...

yes, this winter business is hard. We just got another 25 cm of snow yesterday. I don't know when the last time I made it to the gym. Do you guys have an underground tunnel? I try and make it to our shopping mall and then get in the metro and underground tunnels...wish we lived closer and I could live indoors without feeling so cooped up. I do find if it warms up even a tinge and I can get out for a even a short walk outside it takes the winter blues right away, until the next day at least. How many more days of winter left? Are we half way...? maybe post a countdown on your blog for the number of days until winter is over :-)

Gwen said...

I'm in the blog/winter funk, too. I'm trying to force myself to post, although I don't really know why. Can't wait for some sun.