Friday, January 30

What is this strange material?

After 25 days of sleeping in the kitchen and wondering if it would ever end waiting, the flooring was ripped out and replaced with this interesting laminate.
It looks like wood, feels grainy like wood. But it's not!
Here is the kitchen:
I now wear slippers and socks when I am out of bed, and wandering the new flooring.
They locked us in the living room and I had to be awake by 9 am on this special day, which threw my sleep schedule off. I didn't feel well that evening so I played hooky, skipped work, called in absent.
The husband did most of the tidying up after the guys left, which was nice because I had just done a very through cleaning of the house, the day before and the laminate layers didn't think it part of their job to clean up and remove the mess they left behind.
I'm thankful that he took the initiative, because I thought we had an agreement, in which I did the dishes and he kept the bathroom clean. But sadly, I find I'm doing both because my grime tolerance is much lower then his.
Anyone want to come visit and see my new flooring?

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Smellyann said...

It looks nice! We really need to do the same thing. Was it terribly expensive?