Tuesday, December 29

Jesus is the reason for the season

It's been a green Christmas for me. Which fits just fine, seeing as so far I've managed to control myself and not say BAH HUMBUG.
 This merry season has really come up quickly for me. Something to do with life turning it self up upside down a few times. 
 We had a lovely breakfast that I slept through, and then a yummy lunch and dinner happened on Boxing Day. We had a neighbor family over and Mel's twin friends arrived from Progress. It was a loud and rowdy night filled with good food, friends and lots of laughs.
 Below are photos of the feasting, and game playing, the entertainment (Birdy spinning), The Nativity Cake,

Birdy opening a gift from friends, and a table full of cookies and chocolates from grandma!


Smellyann said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Merry Christmas!

Bonnie said...

That does look like lots of fun. Your family is so awesome. PS the cake is so awesome and creepy all at the same time. And umm who are the new boys that entered your family? The ones between Mels and Ezie? Are those the boys that Mel and Bri have been obsessing over?