Tuesday, December 22

point taken.

  • I won the battle of clean clothes vs my bed, and now they are all put away until I do laundry again.
  • My bed is stripped and waiting for me to my iron. I am going to attempt to block a scarf. I am afraid.
  • I missed the chance to vote on the last 4 ep of Survivor for our fantasy game, and I'm not gonna like I am very upset. I had no idea the voting would close Sunday evening.. Stupid No Cable.. 
  • This flu is making crotch-y and old feeling.. Like I'm an old soul aching in the this young body, I just want to be better now. Thank you Very Much
  • I have no Christmas Spirit, and the worst part is I can't even drink Eggnog or make cookies right now, because I don't want to give this lovely flu to anyone else.
  • My External HD is alive again, I think that my day, cause then I can keep obsessively watching Lie to me/Bones/Criminal Minds.
  • I stole my mattress back, and I might get a decent night's sleep, Finally!
  • Have you ever looked deep inside yourself and found too much repressed anger... I did... Mine is starting to hit the boiling point. But I think that's another topic for another blog.
  •  I think that enough random ness for one day.

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