Monday, September 3

Finger Eleven

At work I have been listening to Sirius Radio. Love it!

But today I'm on YouTube and I think my new fave is Finger Eleven.

I found the song Paralyzer and something about it is so great.

All though some of their music videos are slightly strange, I like the music.

"Beware one of them has a nude lady in it."

I'm thinking I should remove my husband away from his computer and go home to do some painting. Cause I really REALLY want to finish my room. Just have to do some trim and make curtains and put moldings around the windows.. But it's just not happening. I think I would like to get a week off from work and finish it..

If anyone has kittens to give away, let me know. I want a fluffy white one.. I went to the pound but they have to put all of them down, because they have a Feline Cold. Dumb people didn't tell me before I found one I wanted. But I don't have the money to spend on curing it.. So now I'm hoping to find one locally.

Corbett & His parents


Tessa, Corbett, Wyatt

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Tamara said...

That's so sad they have to put all the kittens down just because they have a cold! :(