Saturday, September 1

Camomile tea

It can be my saving grace.
You know those days when you wake up and you have PMS?
See for me I am rarely bothered by Aunt Flo's one a month visit. In this new chapter it's always a relief to see her show up..... Anyways. This morning I woke up and felt SO bad. Lower back pain, major aching that was quickly turning to stomach cramping.
Now I hate to take unneeded drugs. So I turn to Tea!
If I'm ever drinking chamomile you can bet I'm chasing some stomach ailment away. It works on PMS cramps, or any stomach related aching. Because it relaxes the muscels that are tightening and causing the discomfort. So next time you have of those periods from hell, Curl up with a large cup of tea. Oh but a word of warning. Do NOT wait till it's almost cold to drink it. This will cause your flow to increase. Now I don't know if that then causes the cycle to end earlier. But just keep that in your head
I've posted a link to back up my claims!! Take a quick read for the scientific explanation :)


Gwen said...

Ooooh, I'm such a sucker for natural remedies. You're talking my language!

Tamara said...

I just bought a big fat bottle of Motrin tonight because I woke up feeling -exactly- that way..blah! I've never thought of drinking tea to solve that lower back/bloat/all over icky feeling that my favourite friend brings along.