Tuesday, September 11

Penny catching her fish!

If you look closely you can see it flipping around!
Cute pregnant lady fishing!
My Husband fishing

Chase pulling in the big one! That got away :D
We went fishing on Sunday and Penny's fish was the only one we ate, because Chase's was too far gone..
Corbett & I went out last night, the fishing where jumping like crazy. But do you think I could get anything to bite.. So frusterating. I wanted a harpoon I would have better luck :D
So I've decided to I am going to lost at least 10-15 lbs.. they just keep creeping up on me and hanging around my stomach.. I'm thinking WHAT!!! I'm not preggers I don't need a tummy. So I'm buying a gym pass soon. Setting some goals, one being as soon as I hit 120-125 I'm getting my ear pierced. The reason being It doesn't matter to anyone else if I do or dont. Corbs family bought me some beautiful ones, but I can't wear them..
I'll keep you updated on my progress. I can't wait to be able to fit a size 28 jean again :D

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Tamara said...

I want to come to the piercing with you! I want to get my nose done again, so we can do it together!