Sunday, March 30


I had a great trip to Vandehoof and then to PG!
I went to Value Village and found a cute black skirt and a bandanna.
At Spring Tour, I won a Strawberry Fields 3 Wick and Porch Lemonade Pillar!! Then these adorable little terra cotta pots!
After that I went to Payless shoes and walked away with 3 sets of shoes for $66.00!!
Then Jen and I went to Moxies for a bachorlette party. Was so much fun :) They
talked about dancing but then nixed the idea, which was a little disappointing because I wouldve loved to go. So we went home.. Then I caught a ride with some friends home! It was such an inexpensive trip cause I was able to hitch rides both ways!!

Update on the work situation..

Today was the last day I was expected to work my Appointment Coordinator job. Go Figure no one told me that.

But it now sounds like I talked myself back into the job for month of April until the shuffle happens. I might not even start the weekend job until May now.

Sooo this is good news for my bills. Bad news for the part of me which was rejoicing about sleeping in for 5 days of the week.

Now just get to my partylite ball rolling. Anyone interested in a free shopping spree :D

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Jenny said...

Hot boots!!