Tuesday, April 1

Fool me once shame on you...

April 1st..
I must admit that I love this day because it allows me to pull pranks for good reason and then go back to being Miss Goody-Goody. Whom now one ever suspects..

So for my list of stunts that I sucessfully got away with today.
  1. Unplugged all the sales guys computers.(Haven't heard any feedback yet)
  2. put Darci is expectiing... as my Facebook status. As in I am expecting a few reations. (No I'm not pregant)
  3. Tell dragon boy I won money with Timmies Roll up the rim.

So if anyone fell for any of these, April Fools!

Now for my very silly blonde moment today.

I had to drop off a CN truck at another business in town this morning, and the SA told me it was running out back, so I went on my merry way and hopped into a grey F350, and dropped it off. Was sitting in my chair a few mins later and the SA asks Darci why is the CN truck still in the back running???

OH NOOOOO... I started laughing.. I delivered the wrong truck. So I called and told them I would be back shortly and switch trucks before a tech started panicking.. Don't ask me why the CN part of the whole thing didnt' trigger anything.. didnt' even see that truck the first time. Needless to say I feel very foolish..

Now the prank I didn't pull was put salt in the tech's coffee machine.. I even brought the coffee. But since I am going to be working with them more directly next month it's not a good idea.

Plus I kinda screwed it up when I had to swtich trucks and couldnt' do it without getting caught :S

A friend of mine is expecting and she likes the name Sonya and wants some suggestions for a middle name. Any ideas? Thanks!


joni said...


oh that is good. and the fact that you did this on April fools day was perfect blonde planning.

love your list of pranks.. wtg. ha.

Tamara said...

YOU STOLE SOMEONE'S TRUCK?! lol That's friggin awesome

Benjamin said...

I've been partial to the name "Sierra Violet" for a long time. (So don't use those names, I have them reserved!) :P