Saturday, April 26

Bloggy Giveaway Winners:

I did it! The long way of course, I figured out how many comments qualifed (87) then I rolled 15 dices, and added up the numbers!
My first winner is...... Qtpies7

This is her comment:

I want to try Luna Pads so badly! I am allergic to disposable pads and can't use Diva cups because of a tilted cervix. I'm afraid to invest in them because I am sure I will end up pregnant if I put money in them, lol.

You must check out her blog, I laugh so hard at the antics of her children. Only because things like this happen at my house all the time. (Look through my recent posts for a few bios on the younger sibs at my place)

The second winner is: Christi
I liked that she liked what I wrote in the About Me section. A little buttering up never hurt anyone :)
So she is getting a $5 coupon to use when she orders from Luna Pads!!

Tonight I am in the house alone with the animals, everyone else is at the trades fair, or camping with Scouts. How odd I just heard the dogs barking like crazy and then rifle shots... (Yes we live in the boonies on 12 acres) So far we are up to 6 shots.. with about a 2 min gap. Our dog has been chasing something around lately... Finally no more shots. Interrupted by text msgs. Moving on:

Tonight I made dinner! This is a very unusual happening around here. But since the sink was still clean from last night, and Caleb needed some food and I knew that we had healthy pasta(like icky Mac & cheese) I made that along with some tea. It was a lovely sit down dinner, before Caleb went out bowling with all the men and children from my church. I actually wanted to go and then realized it was a Men's only thing, and none of the ladies had invited me to do anything with them. Oh well that happens when you don't have kids.

I leave you with a few images:

The cake I made. (Not a culinary award winning decorating job, I only had a Ziploc baggy) Rick waited at least 3 hours to make sure no one else was running back and forth between the bathroom. You would think I liked practical jokes or something.

Anyone want a puppy?? They are males, only black left and are available for $350 each. Lab/Retriever cross, both parents are pure breeds.

My Luna pads before I break them in. They are sooo pretty.. on a side note (sorry men) I am using one today and I am totally impressed by them, Again! Oh and they sent me this amazing salve that I rubbed on my tummy last night and I don't know if it was all in my head, but cramps all gone!

Sometimes I wonder how many men actually read my blog. Now is the time to stand up and be counted. I know there are three out there, and I don't much pity for you.. Since you are married or know how women work :D


Adam said...

Now? is the time to be counted. After a pad comment. Anywho, yes I read your blog. I appreciate being able to see glimpses into your life and pray for you accordingly. You rock sister!!!

Tamara said...

I would SO take one of those darn puppies if I had my own house, had time to give it all the attention a puppy needs & knew where I would be in 2 years. DANG. Maybe the next litter?

Those luna things look fun..but I can't handle the feeling of a pad

CanCan said...

Congrats to the winners!
Thanks for hosting this fun giveaway!
I mean, cloth pads are fun, right?

Qtpies7 said...

I'm so excited that I won! Thank you! Since I already use cloth diapers, it will be nothing extra to me to wash them up.

joni said...

hey sarena is looking for a pup that will grow up into a nice large dog.

i will send her a note.

Jenny said...

My boys were at the cubs/scouts campout at kincamp. They had a blast.
I can't do the lunapads...just some things aren't meant to be non disposable!!LOL

Andrea said...

Congrats to the winners!! :) I've thought and thought about trying out the Luna pads...however, I might have to wait a while as I am pregnant now, and don't get my period back while I am nursing (well, at least last time I didn't!)...but the more time that goes by, the more I am conisdering trying them out!