Monday, April 21

Miss B

or Barb is Number 9. Barb stands for Bethany Anna Rose. My mom wanted to name her Bethany Ann, and I couldn't allow that. Because Ann is my middle name, and I have to share a lot of other things I shouldn't have to share my middle name. My mom really liked Rose, but no one else has 3 names.I went with my mom to the hospital for her delivery, I was 16 at the time, and my mom had labored all through the night. We were at the hospital for 15 minutes and there was the baby! The doctor didn't even have time to get there. The delivery nurse's name was Barb. So that made the decision, the baby would have three names.

She wanted to shave off her hair (in a lice ep) My mom said ask your dad. Surprise, Suprise, my dad said Yes!

She enjoys reading, and being active outside. Beth is a an achiever. When there are any fund raising events, she normally raises the most. She is the first one to canvas the neighborhood. She isn't shy. But I wouldn't say she is outgoing either.
I think she is slightly stuck in the middle of being part of the older kids group but always stuck with the younger ones. She will be 12 in the fall.
When she gets up early enough in the mornings she is my carpool buddy, making it to school early to catch up on math. It's definitely not my strong suit either, so I know what she is going through.
She is a very mischievous little soul, she has had one pointy ear like an elf since birth. (I think there is a direct correlation.)

Sorry this took so long in coming. (I have been thinking about it but the days have flown right past me.)


joni said...

what enjoyment you are giving everyone ... doing your sibling write-ups...

thanks for sharing Darci...

Bethany is our little Cindy-Lou who...from whoville.
(Dori & Kenny took care of her once when she was so little.. hehe)

Mrs. Wilson said...

She's a cutie! I'm enjoying getting to know your siblings!

Gwen said...

Oh, I would love to have one pointy elf ear. I feel distinctly jealous.

Muddy said...

This is a sweet write up about your sister.

Thank you for visiting my blog. :)