Wednesday, April 30

The girls are happy now!

Sorry Men.

You will not probably not want to read this. If you do. Well yeah..... I will be disturbed.

Well not really.

I have lost a lot of weight. I didn't realize how much until I tried to wear this outfit.

And kinda pulled it off. Cept for the bra. It was horrible. It's a DD 36. I made it into a halter, and I felt like it was floating all over the place. But anyways, off I go downtown to try and get my wheel aligned for the road trip I'm not going on.

I spent a frusterating hour finding out no one could do it before 3:00. So then I came back to my sisters house. Got them on the road, and grabbed her bike and went off to Ella.

2 hours later and $217.00 I walked out with two bra's.


I am very traumatized now.

I have always been very blessed in the chest area.

I feel like I have a Marilyn Munroe body shape or

Warning Curves Ahead... Or the blond bombshell shape.

GAH. You women with shall chest's do not ever complain, when I am in earshot. PLEASE.

I just found out my true size.... :S
Final result with 140.00 bra on. LOVE IT.

My rib cage is 28 inches, (now if only I could just make the waist line match) and my round the chest size is 36. Now you are supposed to count up 1 cup size for every inch. YOU do the math. Tell me what cup size you think I really am supposed to be.

Women of Terrace, get your butts down to Ella and find out your true size.

Ps they have the cutest bedroom attire, ever. (at least for here they do)


Tamara said...

WOOHOOO! I can't wait to get mine!!

You must come with me.

Christy said...

You look awsome Darcie! You have inspired me to go and get one too!!

Bonnie said...

You look amazing Darcikins! I'd say it's definitely worth the money!

Soliloquy said...

Thanks for the comment and all, but DD to a C??? BOO HOO.

I went from barely a B (on a bloated day) to a AA. Possibly a AAA.

*snort* What is it with these funky disproportionate bodies God gave us??

Cute blog.

McRae's said...

Wow i had no idea terrace had a place like that.Need to get out more.