Saturday, April 19

Abraham-Child Number 11

A.J. (Abraham Jacob)

The youngest boy! He is all boy.

He dislikes school, the reason given is because his teacher is mean. After some questioning turns out his defintion of mean is "someone who makes him sit still and get his work done"

Abe is turning 8 this year. He is amazing at Wii Sports, I was watching him play bowling the other night, and he has figured out how to angle it and knock them all down, over and over again. I could see him taking over the family business in a few years, or becoming a world leader.

Loves to get dirt under his nails, and can be found outside trying to nail boards together and create something.

He has a very strong personality. He also accompanied us a crossed Canada to Ottawa.

He is always up for an adventure and also loves to ride motorcycles with me. (This is the same activity which lead to a broken arm for Mr. E)


joni said...

i must clarify at once i like all your siblings very much..

but next to Caeleb is Abraham.. loved that rascal.. he is so cool.

(but again.. all your siblings are wonderful)


Stephanie said...

I like these posts. Are you going to do one on your self when you get there?

Bonnie said...

Abe reminds me of a mini Caleb.

Sarah said...

This is really interesting. You have 11 siblings or are one of 11? I'll have to peruse your blog to see what else you have written on this topic. I'm curious whether your parents believe the quiverfull philosophy, or whether they just liked having lots of kids. I'd also be interested in hearing your take on having lots of children. It seems as though once grown, children who have lots of sibs either want huge families or small ones, but I haven't met many in the middle.