Wednesday, April 30

Week of Freedom!!!

WALL Of TEXT below You have been pre-warned

So much to say, brain dead ism taking over.
Alright how to start.
Maybe I should go back and re-read my own posts, instead all the other blogs I've been hanging out at.

OK so starting from today backwards. I went to see my sister and play with the niece.. I am going to miss her for the 1.5 weeks they are gone. I am desperately wanting to hide in the trunk of my car, and get outta the province. BUT I AM MATURE. Before that I went to the pool with Jen, and had a blast, doing cannonballs and back dives (more like falls) off the diving board. (Funny story bout something female that I just can't bring myself to share.. Ask me sometime)
I love hanging out with Jen's kids... so much better then having mine. I think we shall have a petition to have her move back here.

Work was a slight emotional roller coaster. I love training people.. the oldest child/mothering part of me. But my body always crashes around 3 and I only slept 9 hours out of the last 48.. don't ask..

So today I was trying to figure out where a vehicle was (service or fast lane) and I accidentally merged my two calls together (it's only taken me 9 months to figure that one out) and Mr.Fast lane comes on the line and I try to get rid of him without saying much, because the customer is about to pay his bill over the phone. Mr Fast lane tried to insist on knowing who was in the wrong b/c he doesn't have the vehicle. I say I figured out and I have the customer on the phone, THANKS, BYE. then to top it off the runner and SA stand 5 feet away and have this loud convo and I make the guy repeat his info 3 times. So I'm grumpy. Then Mr. Fast lane wants to see me.. uh oh.. we step outside the shop, and he says "I've noticed we butt heads allot" Here I am thinking DUH... so he apologizes, and then we continue back into the shop. Now I have a little issue, if I am emotional, and someone shows the smallest amount of pity, I dissolve into tears.. So I did it right there, when he started saying "we are all going through crap and it shouldn't come to work and affect us" I try so hard not to ever bring my issues to work.

For crying out loud I worked with a BF and then when he became an ex we still worked together, we even hang out once in a while now..
(personally I don't have any awkwardness there now,
but I might if his sister says something about this post to him. But he isn't that kind of guy)

Alright where was I.

Oh yes using the power of tears on men at work
. Bringing me to my next point.

I am the new shop runner at work!!! Woot Woot! Driving an 2007/08 F150 all weekend, dragging stuff around the shop, picking/dropping off parts. more then likely taking flack from the grease monkeys and giving it right back. So I to quote one of the guys "suck it up princess" and "Put on your big girl panties and stop whining" (this was a quote from his daughter) Imagine hearing that from one testosterone ridden monkey to the next. Yes there are good times are work.. But I am rambling.

Now if anyone is still reading this...

I had to buy new tires UGH... more money I don't have gone. But the two front ones had bare spots and I can't let the niece drive in a car like that.
OH but the good news is, after asking about 4 guys to change my tires, I finally sweet talked one. But I would have to wait 30 Min's. So being the tire changing expert I am(long story, I drove to fast 8 yrs ago) I pulled out my lug nut wrench. After about 10 Min's and 9 nuts loosen. The good Troy offered to help. Within 5 Min's I had 3 guys changing my tires, and I was standing there holding stuff, and handing out tools. LOVE IT! Someone walked by and said "What do I have to do to get mine done that fast??"
I have multiple answers. But I would say, look delicate and try hard, someone is bound to rescue you. (even if you don't need help)

OH, Mr Mikes has a great salad called Cascadia. (normally I hate their salads) and I was made fun of for ordering a water and salad. But you know when you just have a craving for one of those huge salads with everything in it. (This had some sorta of cheese, possibly goat. Walnuts, lettuce, cranberries and a raspberry like dressing) It was big enough that I ate it for lunch too.

Mmm I just spotted cookies. (guess who didn't eat dinner) I would have to say this is the first time I haven't had to hide the evidence from a family member who would eat it all without me.

I promise tomorrow to have a family member post. I have uploaded the pics, my brain was too full. Thanks for letting me unload it here.

For anyone who makes it to the bottom, you must check out this cool giveaway. (I'm not sure if the site ships to Canada) But you must check out the gloves and many other cool things.

I am day-dreaming
of summer
and camping...


Amanda (Shamelessly Sassy) said...

My mom gave me a kitchen magnet last year that says, "Put on your big girl panties and stop whining". I love it. haha. And the sandcastle picture has me daydreaming about summer too.

joni said...

oh Darci.. good ramble...eesh. men.

i love love love camping.. and May long weekend is soooo close. Heres hoping it starts warming up!

Bonnie said...

I have a sudden craving for salad now. Boston Pizza has excellent salads!

I soooooo can't wait until summer!

Mrs. Wilson said...

Working with an ex is ... awkward ...

Glad you could let go in this post! I don't mind reading long pictureless posts of people I know!!

And by the way, don't know if I've mentioned this ever, I really like your layout and banner! Totally beautiful!