Tuesday, April 15

Friday-Tuesday Fun

I had Friday off, Saturday off, and Sunday off. But the day was slightly hectic... I had church, made a movie. Although now I can edit with the new program. Because it hates mpeg4's. Anyone have use a program to convert mp4?
Then I went out to lunch for Michelle's 40th! Then home for an hour to read an interesting book.
Around 5 we had a family dinner and bible study, which I could keep my eyes open for.
At 7:15 I hopped in the vehicle and went down to the Pro-Life AGM, and listen to Jose Ruba speak. He was really good, Everyone missed out! Today we had a luncheon with him. Sounds like we might get people in to do training! Woot, Woot.
Back to yesterday, I went home and vacuumed. It made a world of difference in my room, and I took my whole tangled mess of computers apart and set up both of my computers properly. Now I am missing one power cord. (never did make it downstairs to find another one) Then my mom came up and helped sort out her clothing chaos. She sorts clothes for MCC and then ships them to Vancouver. (I must be patient enough to put up with the mess because I am not paying rent.)
Now the reason all of this tidying is happening is because Mrs. P is coming to visit with her two little boys tonight! This is the friend who I made trifle with last month. So the next few days will be filled with fun and friends :)
Here is a short video of the room, hopefully this will be minus one pool table, plus one cool rug!!!


Christy said...

Busy women!!

I couldn't see a video anywhere though?

joni said...

hey .. too bad about the pro-life rally... was only hear the one day?

i love love love clean-ness .. but unless i lived alone..(which God forbid!) there is no keeping up around here.. well i guess if i only stay home and cleaned there might be great improvements... hahaha like thats going to happen.

speaking of which,.. i am off to ferry island to have a lovely walk with Jenny.. and maybe Jess... seea girlfriend..

ps i will ask the mr about your pc programing questions...

design for mankind. said...

Hmmm, I'm not sure about the mp3 thing but i'll try to find out! :)

DaRcI said...

Jose only spoke on Sunday night.
I had an eiphany today! I have video creating software that came with my camera! Duh. So I shall install that this weekend and play with it.(I found the disk a few days ago)