Thursday, April 17

New Ideas

So I am thinking I shall do a little write up on each of my siblings. I am going to start with the youngest. I will do one every other day. Because if I did it once a week it would 11 weeks before we finished :)

Last night we went to the hot springs..
I took a million photos, but I shall restrain to posting only one of each of us.

Mrs. P and the baby

The 3 little fish

Darci and Baby P

Underwater Mermaid!

Me and fish#2

Uncle Adam and fish #3

Tonight is Rock Band Competition at Boston Pizza! They have reworked the rules a bit and it should be lots of fun. Check out the Facebook Event for more details.

My windshield was iced over, and there was snow this morning. AUGH....

Stay tuned for the Bloggy Giveway, I have a very cool Canadian company on board for the giveaway!
Come back on Monday morning for the details!!


Adam said...

I can't wait to see my cool co-worker Aaron on here!!!

joni said...

i am so excited about the giveaway its not even funny!!

Charlene said...

Hey! looks like a great time with good friends! Leah took my kids out there for a swim yesterday. I agree with Joni about the giveaway, can't believe how excited I got reading about it! haha