Sunday, April 13

Human Camera

People you need start commenting..

I might just take a few days off.. We will see how productive I am at getting my room clean tonight.


Tamara said...

Oy, I need to make some time to clean my room as's absolutely sick!

Gwen said...

That's AMAZING. I can't remember what my own house looks like from the outside.

I like the new pic of you in the header.

Clover said...

comment, comment, comment.

we should go for coffee some time, girl!


design for mankind. said...


DaRcI said...

Thank you Gwen!

Hello Design! So nice to see a new commentor.

Clover, Coffee and a stroll on the Millenium walk would be lovely. I have Wednesday day off, or maybe Saturday evening.

Tamara I shall post photos to inspire you to clean your room!

joni said...

incredible... i am often in awe of peoples gifts/abilities ..

ohh out your day off plan, could result in uninvited guests showing up.. hehe.. *wink*

Bonzai said...

yes, yes....Bonnie has been lacking in the comment area. However I check your blog EVERYDAY! It brings joy to my day. :)

PS- I also really like the picture of you in your header.