Friday, April 25

One hour and 15 mins until when I can draw the winner.. so far we are at 87 valid comments. I personally just want to give everyone something. But my budget would never allow that. I have at least one surprise up my sleeve though!

So tonight I came home to exercise, combination of Pilates and Belly dancing. But instead I worked out my heart. In the baking, loving, giving kind of way. I made a cake, and washed dishes, and recycled as much as I could get my hands on. Organized a few cupboards. Now I am sitting here writing in short sentence form, so I shall end this now.
Note: Plus it's 11:25 pm. Must go to bed now.
I leave you with a photo from the other a cook out!


Tamara said...

I vote for having cell at Ferry Island every week until mid October!

Jenny said...

We were going to come,but...had to make dinner for my parents instead!!

joni said...

hey we are famous...


it was really fun. i second that vote Tamara.