Sunday, April 6


I was going to be one of those people who did them right away :S
But now I am not. So I sit with a headache coming on.
Learning quickly, all the things I will do better for next year.
Oh why can't I just be lazy and plop this on some poor H&R blocky's desk.
I must always learn from the school of hard knocks.
I guess this way I will remember for next time.

I have been throughly distracting myself by making videos of old youth photos, the niece, and family trips. Fighting with programs crashing... I looked at MacBookAir's today... I almost drooled on it. I get so excited about electronics. it's just not right This will be my next major purchase, then I will do all sorts of geeky things to it and pack it around to shows with me. I am aiming for Sept as 1 yr anniversary present for my Candle Business. oh yes notice the nice html usage Ben?

My headache is getting worse...

oh yes, check out the new linky thing on the top right hand corner. I will be participating, with another chance for tealights, or whatever candle type I have handy!

Last but not least. Check out this blog for a chance to win a very cool flip book.

Disclaimer:This post has not been grammar checked.

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Tamara said...

I saw a commercial for one of those computers today...very pretty